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Train and learn for free on practical CTF challenges whenever you want ! At any time, you can add your CV and apply for job offers that correspond to you.
CTF Platform

For challengers

A cybersecurity platform that offers challenges related to real-world work missions provides a unique advantage for those looking to improve their skills and learn new things.

  • Real-world challenges
  • Improve your skills
  • Demonstrate your competence
Jobs Platform

For Recruiters

Flag4jobs partners with companies and organizations looking for skilled professionals, and offer job listings that align with the types of challenges and skills that challengers have demonstrated proficiency in.

  • Recruit easily
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Increase your visibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Capture The Flag (CTF) in cybersecurity?

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a cybersecurity competition where participants solve a series of challenges to find hidden "flags" within vulnerable systems or applications, testing their skills in areas such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web security, and forensics.

What is a "flag"?

In a CTF competition, a flag is a specific string, often in the format "F4J{...}", that participants aim to discover or obtain as part of the challenge.

Am I not currently looking for a job, can I still register?

Certainly! Even if you are not currently seeking a job, you are still welcome to register and apply at any time. Our platform is open to everyone.

How to contact us?

To contact us, you can either join our active Discord server and use the support channel, or you can send an email to [email protected].